Pogue's Run Grocer opens on Indy east side

Pogue's Run Grocer opened Wednesday.

Indianapolis - A new grocery store is open for business in a near east side neighborhood.

Wednesday, Pogue's Run Grocer opened at 10th and Rural Streets. It's a community-owned, non-profit grocery store that focuses on local and organic foods.

"Being committed as we are to first local product, then national product then organic product differentiates this grocery store from any other in the city," said Ed Stites, produce manager.

Over the last several years, two major grocery chains have moved out of the neighborhood. Pogue's Run sought support from local residents like Chris Hess, a professor at Butler University. He became a member of the co-op before it opened.

"We were happy to support it. We moved here from Seattle before that, and there's lots of places like this out there, and it's great to see something like that moving into Indy," said Hess. "The biggest thing is supporting local food. Most of the stuff here is local and organic. I'm a biology professor. I think about these things being important for the community as well as for your health."

He hopes it will help turn the neighborhood around.

"Anytime you can come and get real food rather than going to McDonald's or the gas station to get food, that's gonna keep people healthier, and also could be sort of a gateway for getting other local businesses in here. This could really be something that starts a movement for local stuff and revitalizes the area. That's the hope that a lot of us have," he added.

The full-scale grocery store is part of a long-term project by Indy Food Co-op to offer healthy food choices to people who live in the area.

Pogue's Run Grocer