Plowed roads may still pose icy threat for motorists


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – Friday’s ice and snowstorms created challenges similar for big highway plows and small snow blowers.

During Friday’s evening rush hour we saw three INDOT trucks working as a team, driving almost side by side to clear Interstate 69 north of 96th Street.

The plows and chemical treatment helped the flow of afternoon traffic but left the road surface wet, meaning ice could develop again as temperatures fall overnight.

“It was all ice this morning so we put salt on it to treat it. Now it’s kind of soft, we can move it with the snow,” said Oveire Borom. He said the ice made for trickier snow clearing than typical.

Borom was working to clear snow and ice from in front of an apartment building in downtown Indianapolis.

“Takes a little bit of time,” he said. “I’ve been out here twice,” he said with a laugh. He said his “two-part system” began in Friday morning and ended after sunset.

That first layer of ice from the early-morning freezing rain is one of the reasons DPW’s Indy Snow Force and INDOT pre-treated the road surface, to keep ice from setting like concrete under the snow.

It was a rough travel day for a Cleveland fan in town for Friday’s Pacers vs. Cavaliers game.

“We left Dayton Ohio at 2 o’clock and we didn’t get here till 7 o’clock,” said Nate Huelseman. “We took 70 west and we were dead stopped for at least an hour. They closed down the highway.”

An overturned semi tractor-trailer had caused that disruption. There were also several crashes on city streets, and automobile breakdowns throughout the area.

DPW plans to have trucks continue an all-night sweeps of city streets.

“The roads are pretty consistent,” Huelseman said. “The drivers were all over the place. You’ve just got to be safe.”

Hundreds of people are spending the night without power in Decatur County.

Duke Energy says 711 customers in Westport were without power late Friday after the storm took down a transmission line. Officials say power likely won’t be restored until around 6:30 Saturday morning.

In Greensburg, 99 customers were also without power, although officials said that outage is unrelated and power should be restored by the end of the night. Many people still packed up and headed to relatives’ homes and nearby hotels for the night.

“Just getting somewhere we can sleep, someplace warm. That’s the most concern just make sure everyone is warm and safe for the night,” said Sandra Sneed.

Decatur County Emergency Management Officials announced the opening of emergency shelters for people needing someplace warm to go:

South Decatur Junior-Senior High School, 8885 Indiana 3, Greensburg, IN 47240

Greensburg Community Junior High School, 505 E Central Ave, Greensburg, IN 47240

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