Plainfield police officer reinstated after hearing over ‘white male privilege’ remark

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Plainfield police officer reinstated
Plainfield police officers disciplined

PLAINFIELD, Ind. (WTHR) - A Plainfield Police Department officer has been reinstated after a Board of Police Commissioners meeting.

Captain Carri Weber had been on administrative leave after she told another officer that his perspective was shaped by "white male privilege" during a sensitivity training session.

The Town of Plainfield issued this statement after the meeting:

The decision was made by Plainfield’s Board of Police Commissioners to issue a letter of reprimand but reinstate Captain Weber to her current position. The Town respects the Commissioners’ authority to make this personnel decision. The Town of Plainfield has been and continues to be proud of our participation in sensitivity and cultural training. Plainfield is an inclusive community and while we regret this situation occurred, we welcome the resolution of this matter.

Plainfield police attended a November 1 transgender awareness training session. A video of the session shows Captain Scott Arndt question a statistic presented on transgender people and their interactions with police.

Captain Carri Weber, also attending the session, responded: "Because you're white male privilege, so you wouldn't know."

Arndt: “I'm sorry?”

Weber: “You're white male privilege."

Arndt became upset, shouting: "Chief, you gonna let them get away with that? Seriously, I'm asking a legitimate question here and I'm getting taught white privilege? Are you serious? I find that extremely offensive!"

Neither Arndt or Weber is seen on the video, only heard. Arndt apparently walked out of the training session.

Arndt: "I'm in here trying to be as professional as I can and learn.”

Unknown voice, perhaps police chief: “You've got a gentleman in here that's trying to talk. Sit down.”

Arndt: “No I will leave and I will file it on your desk."

Arndt served a two-day suspension without pay for conduct unbecoming a police officer.

Weber was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation for conduct unbecoming an officer, but not just for this incident. Weber was suspended two weeks without pay in August after evidence showed she drove her squad car within eight hours of drinking alcohol, a violation of Plainfield police policy.

The group Naptown Don't Sleep had encouraged its social media followers to show up to Thursday's Board of Police Commissioners meeting wearing Black Lives Matter attire.

The group wants the Plainfield Police Department to acknowledge what it calls “racial bias that permeates police departments nationwide.” They say they “want to send a very clear message that denying the existence of white privilege is no longer an option.”

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