Pizza Hut promises to keep you warm this winter with delivery bag parka

Pizza Hut is teasing fans with a parka made from the same material as its new delivery bags. (Photo: Pizza Hut/Facebook)

Pizza Hut is making an odd fashion statement as winter weather approaches.

Two days after introducing new delivery bags to keep your pizza warm, the chain introduced the "Pizza Parka" - a winter coat made of the same material as the bag.

And they may not be joking.

The company says the parka's "advanced triple-insulated material" is the same as that in the new delivery bags.

"So you can stay warm and stylish this winter, just like your pizza," a Facebook post read.

While we question their definition of "stylish," it seems like some fans already have plans to work it into their wardrobe.

But while pizza fans swoon, there may be a budding partnership in the works:

In the end, this is what we're talking about:

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