Pizza Hut launches giant Cheez-Its stuffed with pizza toppings


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Cheez-Its and Pizza Hut are combining forces to create a snack that nobody expected.

Pizza Hut and Kellogg's have collaborated to create Stuffed Cheez-Its Pizza, a new snack that will launched in Pizza Huts nationwide Tuesday.

Each "pizza" is four giant crackers filled with cheese or cheese and pepperoni, Today reported. It also comes with marinara dipping sauce, though Hoosiers may be more likely to trade that in for ranch dressing.

According to Today, the entree-snack mashup is similar to a mozzarella stick or Hot Pocket with a Cheez-Its exterior.

The new product was inspired by college students.

The combo, available nationwide, costs $6.49. On Sept. 24 it will be added to Pizza Hut's $5 N' Up Lineup so customers will be able to order it for $6, as long as they purchase two or more additional items.