Pike Township firefighters honor north side hospital workers

Pike Township firefighters showed their appreciation to Ascension St. Vincent workers during a shift change Sunday night. (WTHR)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Doctors, nurses and hospital staff continue to work hard and put in long hours.

These frontline workers are putting themselves at risk, and some are unable to see their families during the coronavirus pandemic.​​

On Sunday night, during a shift change at Ascension St. Vincent on the city's north side, emergency room workers got a special thank you from firefighters.​ ​

"They're our heroes. They're the communities heroes, and they're working very very hard to keep everybody healthy and safe," Pike Township Fire Department's Jonathan Kempler said.​​

Crews showed their appreciation by driving by the ER, with lights flashing and horns honking.​​

They waved and smiled to a group of hospital workers as some stood outside to watch. ​​

"Under the circumstances we have now, it's very difficult for them," Kempler said.​​

COVID-19 cases continue to spread, having an impact on those who keep us safe. ​

Kempler said a simple drive by with a wave and a smile can make all the difference. ​​

Nurses and doctors were capturing those memorable moments on their cell phones — grateful to those who show they care. ​​

"Truly, our organization, as well as our community partners, are coming together during this time of crisis, and it just uplifts everybody," Megan Thiele, EMS education manger at Ascension St. Vincent, said.​​

"I hope that it makes a difference and shows them that we back them, and we're here to support them," Kempler said.​​

Hospital workers will be honored again Monday by those at the Zionsville Fire Department.​