Pig rescued from slaughterhouse becomes world-renowned artist

Pigcasso was rescued from a slaughterhouse three years ago and has since shown her artwork around the world. (Photo: RTV via NBC News)

FRANSCHHOEK, South Africa (WTHR) - A rescued pig in South Africa named "Pigcasso" has become an art sensation and her paintings are selling for thousands of dollars.

Holding a paintbrush in her snout, the sow tosses her head to create bright, bold strokes on canvas. Pigcasso was rescued from a slaughter house as a piglet and was brought to an animal sanctuary in South Africa three years ago.

"She basically ate or destroyed everything except these paintbrushes and I thought, 'Gosh, maybe there's something in there, because it was really strange that she loved them so much," said the sanctuary's founder Joanne Lefson.

Pigcasso's paintings can sell for almost $4,000 with the proceeds going to animal welfare.

Lefson said it wasn't long before the talented pig was heading to a canvas to paint masterpieces.

One of Pigcasso's works was placed on a Swatch watch. (Photo: The Swatch Group)

One of Pigcasso's artworks was even turned into a watch face for Swiss watchmaker Swatch, which announced a collaboration with the pig last month. Swatch executives say it's the best selling item in their artist's range.

Lefron described Pigcasso as "an abstract expressionist." The sow's art was taken on tour last year in Europe and South Africa in what was called the "Oink" exhibition.