Photographer's photos of standoff between squirrel, bald eagle go viral


LINCOLN, Maine (WTHR) — A picture says a thousand words, and one photo of a squirrel and a bald eagle might be speaking more than that.

Roger Stevens Jr. is a nature photographer in Maine. A recent photo of his has gone viral after showing a bald eagle and a squirrel in a very intense treetop staring match in Lincoln, Maine.

"I couldn't have made this up!" Stevens wrote in a Facebook post. The post has been shared 10,000 times.

The standoff between the two animals was so intriguing, Stevens continued to capture it and share with his friends.

Another photo showed the eagle with its wings flared, taunting the squirrel as it jumped into a hole in a tree.

Then, the squirrel starts to look terrified. "This picture looks like the squirrel is saying, 'Oh crap! Looks like someone made a poor choice!'" Stevens captioned another photo.

Stevens' photos are getting attention from all over the world, with British news organizations taking interest and publishing the photos.

He said he was blown away by the response and planned to include the series of photos for a new book he's working on. He said he currently has seven books in print and thanked everyone for taking his work further than he ever thought was possible.

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