Peyton Manning talks leadership, 'Omaha' at Marian U. benefit

Peyton Manning was honored at a Marian University event Tuesday night at Lucas Oil Stadium.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning returned to Lucas Oil Stadium Tuesday night.

Manning was honored during Marian University's "Knight for Leaders" event. The retired quarterback talked about his first moments with the Colts and finding his voice as a leader.

"When I got to the Colts, you know, first pick of the draft, a lot of hoopla, I didn't come in talking a whole lot. I came in and worked, tried to be the first one out on the field, last one to leave, slowly earn the respect," Manning said. "Then, when I went to Denver, even though I played for 14 years at this point, I had not played with my new teammates and I went in there silent as well. Quiet, humble, and just went to work and slowly, you earn that platform."

He also let the crowd in on the meaning behind one of the NFL's most famous signal calls.

"'Omaha' was just a trigger word, it was an indicator word that meant we had changed the play when there was low time on the play clock and the ball needed to be snapped now," Manning said.

After sideline microphones picked up on his call in recent years, Manning says he found a new fanbase.

"All I can tell you is I'm a big deal in Omaha, Nebraska," he joked, saying he got the key to the city and always has a place to sleep in Omaha.

Tuesday's event was a fundraiser for athletic scholarships at Marian University.