Pet rescue caring for pup with third ear

Trip's third ear behind his right eye is evident in this undated photo. (Courtesy KFOR)

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – A rescue is looking after a special pup after it was born with what appears to be a third ear.

The puppy named Trip was given to Mutt Misfits, a rescue group who takes in animals with illnesses, injuries and special needs.

The rescue is working to raise money for a CT scan to take a closer look at Trip's ear.

Rescuer Heather Hernandez says the pup has a few health issues like seizures and balance problems, and hopes the CT scan could provide some answers. “So, we can tell it's definitely connected like greater than just the skin,” she says of the extra appendage. “It's not just like a skin tag, but what exactly it leads to only the CT is going to tell us."

Hernandez says Trip is going back to the vet soon and she hopes to have more information on the pup's ear.