Pet owners outraged over toxic dog treats in Minnesota town


Pet owners in a small Minnesota town are on high alert after someone purposely scattered toxic treats throughout the neighborhood in an effort to poison their dogs.

Several residents found objects — such as screws, open safety pins and other dangerous toxins — disguised inside hot dogs.

One family found their dog chewing on one of the the toxic treats, but was able to save him from swallowing a screw.

Another family was not as lucky. Two dogs had to be rushed to the vet with life-threatening symptoms.

"I walked outside and within ten seconds I found them all over my yard," said resident Lindsay Perez. "Pablo had a total of 11 screws in his stomach and Yogi had three open safety pins.

"You wonder what kind of person would do this and is this just a starting point," said Kathy Paulson, another resident.

One of the dogs is now home and doing well, while the other is still in the hospital with complications.