Peru man kidnaps woman, shaves her head and tortures her


(WTHR) — A 58-year-old Peru man kidnapped an ex-girlfriend and held her hostage at his home, according to police.

Rommie Walton allegedly held the woman against her will.

The victim told police that she had been in an abusive relationship with Walton but had since left and dyed her hair to disguise herself, Peru Tribune reported.

Last week when the victim was headed to work, she noticed Walton following her in another vehicle. She attempted to flee, but her car broke down.

Walton approached her, called her names and reportedly cut the female’s shirt at the shoulders and bra straps before he allegedly threatened to stab her with the scissors, according to the Peru Tribune.

When they got to Walton's home, he allegedly slapped, punched, and verbally attacked the woman. He also shaved her head because she dyed it to disguise herself.

Police found the victim on Walton's front porch. Walton was inside passed out drunk.

Walton was arrested on Saturday for a felon 5 domestic battery. He's also charged with a level 6 felony criminal confinement, level 6 felony kidnapping, level 6 felony intimidation, and A misdemeanor for interfering with reporting of a crime.