People protest insulin prices outside Eli Lilly

(WTHR Photo: Anna Carrera/Twitter)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – People came to Indianapolis from across the country to protest the price of insulin. They chanted and waved signs outside the main building of Eli Lilly on Saturday afternoon.

Those we talked with say insulin costs are growing and they feel like companies are putting profits over people. One woman told us balancing medical costs has turned into a life or death decision.

"It's $1,300 a month for me and there are people who can't buy it, so there are people who are rationing," said Karyn Wofford, who has type 1 diabetes and came to the protest from Georgia. "They're cutting their life short, whether it be right now or whether it be years down the road, so this is a very critical fight that needs to happen right now."

"I have many patients that are type 1 diabetics," said AJ Sinha, who lives in Indianapolis. "I'm a kidney doctor so diabetes is one of the leading causes of kidney failure requiring dialysis in this country. Adequate access to lifesaving medicines contributes to the effects that ravages people's lives and kill them."

Kelley Murphy, the senior director of corporate communications for Eli Lilly sent a statement to Eyewitness News:

"Engagement on this issue is very important, and demonstrations are one way to have your voice heard," said Murphy. "It will take continued effort and commitment across the health care system to affect change, and Lilly is committed to finding ways to help people who use insulin. Our Lilly Diabetes Solution Center helpline, which has helped approximately 2,500 people save in meaningful ways on insulin since opening in August, is one way we are providing help for people across the U.S. Lilly has been an active participant in the insulin access dialogue for a long time, and that work will continue. In the last 18 months, we have introduced a number of initiatives to help reduce the amount people pay at the pharmacy and provide access to lower-income people with diabetes. We are committed to continuing this work."

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