Pence, Colts and Brooks will challenge Indy's security Sunday

Indiana State Police troopers work security downtown. (WTHR Image by Doug Blake)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Anytime you have a large crowd these days, you know security will be tight. It certainly was at today's Peyton Manning statue dedication, which was held at the same time as Garth Brooks entertained at Banker's Life Fieldhouse.

And security will have to be even tighter for Sunday's Colts game.

Lori Tubbs was lucky when she came out for Manning's statue ceremony.

Her friend was more than willing to be left holding the bag, or in this case, her purse, because the one she was carrying was too big. "No bigger than your hand so that is why I got a good friend who let me check my purse so I could get up there," Tubbs said.

"I'm okay with it. I feel better about it. Nobody had a purse. Everybody had everything on the outside. I feel pretty good about it," Nina Strolia explained.

Security will be extra tight at Sunday's game because of the presence of Vice President Mike Pence, who is expected to be inside Lucas Oil Stadium.

That means traffic may also be an issue. But for the most part, everyone realizes what has to be done.

"I was checked. I felt safe. We were able to enjoy the day. It was perfect," said Caylee Deaton, who made the trek from college in Illinois to see the Manning event.

"I was glad for the security," Julie Martin said.

"They pat us down. They did what was necessary to make sure everyone was safe, and that is a good thing. Yes," Ken Jackson admitted.

"The City of Indianapolis definitely makes you feel safe," Cori Hensman noted. "You feel like they always do their job."

No one was complaining.

"Not at all. There was a lot of police presence." Mandi Steelman said. "Everything feels safe. Indiana is a good place."

And with Garth Brooks, the Colts and the Vice President all in town tomorrow, you know law enforcement will work extra hard to keep it that way.