PEEP THIS: Colorado brewery puts marshmallow Easter treats in brew

A Colorado brewery is getting into the Easter spirit, but that might not be a good thing.

Barrels and Bottles Brewery has a reputation for some unorthodox beers, including tequila and blueberry-infused concoctions. This year, it's Peeps.

Head brewer Kim Collins says she put 90 Marshmallow Peeps into the brew, though the end result is apparently more subtle than you're probably imagining.

"All English hops and all English malt to be as traditional as we could, and then we've got the wackiness with the Peeps in the end. It's not sweet, and if I didn't tell you there were Peeps in there, you might not notice," Collins said.

Barrels and Bottles brewed about 100 gallons of Peeps beer, but it's only available at the brewery's tap room.

"A great way to celebrate Easter. Combining Peeps, your favorite childhood candy, and can't get any better," said one taste tester.

A Colorado reporter covering the story said the brew is "malty, with a hint of marshmallow."