Parrot may have witnessed Eastern Michigan murder: 'Don't f—ing shoot'


It's a bizarre twist to a year-old murder in Eastern Michigan.

A witness has come forward who will never be able to take the stand — the victim's African grey parrot, Bud.

The victim's family shared a video with Wood TV that was taken several weeks after the May 2015 murder. In the video, the parrot appears to say, "Don't f—ing shoot."

Click this post to listen to the parrot:

45-year-old Martin Duram was shot and killed inside his home in Ensley Township, Mich. in May 2015. Police thought at first that the incident was a double homicide. His wife, Glenna, was found with a gunshot wound to the head. But, she survived.

Michigan State Police reports now list Glenna as a suspect, suggesting it was an attempted murder-suicide.

Duram's parents believe Bud the parrot is a witness.

They said the bird mimicked Duram and his wife. In the video, you can hear Bud changing voice, as if he's mimicking an argument.

In Bud's low voice, many people believe he says, "F—ing don't shoot." It could peg Glenna as the shooter.

Wood TV obtained police reports that state a witness asked police whether or not Bud can be used as evidence, but no response was given.