Parents share new pictures of missing IU student Lauren Spierer


BLOOMINGTON - Eyewitness News has obtained new pictures of missing Indiana University student Lauren Spierer as investigators continue their search of a Vigo County landfill for evidence leading to her disappearance. Desperation has turned to frustration for Lauren's parents.

Since the investigation into her disappearance began more than two months ago, Eyewitness News has used the pictures of IU sophomore Lauren Spierer that appeared on the missing person posters.

But now new images are surfacing. As a toddler, she is the face of innocence and the promise of things to come. She is someone's little girl.

"It's a huge hole in our lives," said Charlene Spierer, Lauren's mother.

For the length of one agonizing summer her parents utilized every avenue to find their daughter, who vanished after a night out with friends early in the morning June 3rd.

The investigation into her disappearance took another turn this week when police began searching a landfill near Terre Haute, a process they say they began not long after the college student was reported missing.

"A landfill search is very complex and dangerous. It took time to plan for it," said Robert Spierer, Lauren's father.

The search is expected to last up to two weeks. While Robert and Charlene Spierer were there for the first day, they have now gone home together to New York.

The couple is expected to be gone a few days. Before they left they expressed a growing frustration not with investigators but with those who were last seen with their daughter.

"The people that know something who were with her left town shortly after she disappeared. No one's heard from them since they left town," said Robert Spierer.

As investigators dig for clues, this family waits for answers, always keeping in their hearts that little girl, holding out hope they'll one day bring her home.

The Spierers left for a family event back home in New York. They are expected back in Bloomington in part for the distribution of a new poster which is to take place August 28th.