Parents charged with murder in child’s death


Indianapolis, Jan. 15 - Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi announced charges Wednesday in the beating death of a four-year-old. Prosecutors charge the mother, Latanya Edmonds, and her boyfriend Frank Wheeler with murder, battery and neglect.

They called paramedics to their home last week saying four-year-old Diamond Edmonds was unconscious. Emergency crews found her unresponsive.

They called for police after noticing bruises on her body.

"No one, especially a little four-year-old, should have suffered the way this little girl suffered," says Brizzi. "She was 27 pounds at four-years-old. She was very tiny. She wasn't eating. She was bruised extensively over her body, which caused her to be dehydrated."

Edmonds and Wheeler face up to 65 years in jail if found guilty of Diamond’s death.