Parents banish teen to backyard tent for theft: Too extreme?


Are a New Mexico mom and dad being too strict in punishing their teen son for theft by banishing him to a tent in the backyard?

Jacob and Angela Boggus chose a decidedly non-air-conditioned method for disciplining their 16-year-old son Adam after he stole his little sister's iPod — and stole other items from his family before that. Since May 23, Adam has been spending his days camping out in the backyard.

He's allowed back inside to sleep at night, eat meals and use the bathroom. His banishment will end once he's read five books and written book reports about them for his mom.

"I've finished one and I'm about to finish two others," Adam told PEOPLE. "I know I screwed up, so I don't want people coming down on my parents about this. I know that they love me. They're not trying to abuse me in any way. They're only trying to show me that what I did was wrong."