Pants too tight after Thanksgiving dinner? Stove Top's got you covered

(Photo: YouTube screen grab)

(WTHR) — Everyone knows that Thanksgiving feeling of stuffing yourself into discomfort during dinner. We've got good news: thanks to Stove Top Stuffing, this will no longer be an issue.

Stove Top is now selling Thanksgiving Dinner Pants so you'll no longer feel restricted in those jeans or khakis you wore.

The pants feature an over-the-belly waistband that can be folded down to display a dish of stuffing with the phrase, "The stuff Thanksgiving is made of."

The waistband can also stretch to nearly two times the size of the original waistband. And in a very fashion-forward, yet functional design, the pants include pockets.

Get the pants for only $20. Stove Top uses PayPal to complete the orders, and unfortunately it's currently down. But Stove Top says the order page will be back up soon.

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