Pagenaud makes his biggest little fan's Christmas wish come true

Simon Pagenaud surprises his biggest fan Keylin Koontz. (WTHR/Scott Allen)

AVON, Ind. (WTHR) — Indy 500 winner Simon Pagenaud is used to racing across finish lines. But on Tuesday, he was racing across town to Avon to make a little boy's holiday extra special.

It's certainly not everyday that the reigning Indianapolis 500 champion makes a house call.

The reason? Inside one Avon house is a very special 5-year-old.

"It's Simon. It's Simon," Keylin Koontz shouted to his mother as he went to look at who was at the door.

Simon Pagenaud tree topper. (WTHR / Scott Allen)

He shouldn't be all that surprised because Keylin has something very special to show his favorite race car driver.

"Heard you had a special Christmas Tree. Everybody in town is talking about it. You want to show me?" Pagenaud said.

It is a very special tree. Keylin decorated it with Simon memorabilia that included three cars and a tree topper.

"Well, well, well look at that. That's cool," Pagenaud declared as he saw his special tree.

After that the two got down on the carpet and raced hot wheels cars. Pagenaud made sure Alexander Rossi's car was behind his.

"You see? I win again. Yes," Pagenaud announced.

Keylin has actually met Pagenaud at two or three meet and greets, but it was the tree that led the champion to drop by.

"When we saw this on social media it was, we had to come and see him," Pagenaud said.

Simon Pagenaud and Keylin Koontz. (WTHR/Scott Allen)

After the racing was over the two got a chance to sit down and look at his 500 champion ring and to ask what Keylin wanted for Christmas.

"A simulator? I thought you said I want some LEGO. You want a simulator? Let me talk to your dad," Pagenaud said with a laugh.

Pagenaud may not be Santa but he did come bearing gifts. Two new hats, a new t-shirt and much more.

"I'm so fortunate in my life. It is the best I can do...cause look. He's happy. Isn't that all that matters," Pagenaud said.

Today it was.

Now the boy who wears yellow on everything he can find, can also say he got to see his tree topper come to life. It's going to be awfully hard to top that this Christmas.

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