Pagano says team wants to shake second-half collapse expectations


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano likened some of the Colts' current issues with severe weather.

Pagano was responding to a question about Sunday's game at home vs. the Titans. The Colts had a halftime lead but when on to lose, something that has happened six times in 2017.

Pagano said too many people now apparently expect a second half collapse from the team.

"It's everybody," Pagano said at a Monday meeting with reporters. "It's you guys, it's the fans, it's everybody driving up there. It's everybody in the NFL community. There's a storm in the Atlantic, Hurricane Whatever-you-want-to-call it. When's it going to hit landfall? It's coming. It's the middle of the third, it's getting late third. They're up 10. Gotta happen sometime. It's a self fulfilling prophecy right now.

Pagano said the team would change those expectations.

"We're going to do it. It's going to happen, believe it or not. Watch."