Pacers players hope their t-shirt designs make impact during Black History Month


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Fashion statements are nothing new for some of the NBA's biggest stars.

But for Black History Month, the Indiana Pacers are hoping t-shirts will help fans take notice of the historical impact African-Americans have had on our country.

The shirts were designed by the players themselves.

One created by Victor Oladipo, Ike Anibogou and former Pacer Damien Wilkens is slated to go on sale in February. The design features the likeness of an African-American woman on the front with the names of civil rights icons beneath. On the back is an iconic quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"I think it would be huge, it would mean a lot for me and this team if people bought it and wore it," Oladipo said. "It's more than a t-shirt. It represents something far greater than that. It shows a lot of the things that we went through as a people. To wear that shirt, we could change the world that much by just doing that, by just this much and if we continue to do that night in and night out, maybe our world will be a better place."

Pacers center Al Jefferson has spent more than a decade in the league. He's seen the NBA host various events for Black History Month. He said he hopes that locally, these shirts can help emphasize the significance of the month.

"Just to know how important this month is, the people before us made a way, did the things they did for us to have the life that we have now, so you want people to recognize that and know how important it is to us and the world," he said.

The t-shirts will be on sale throughout February with all of the proceeds going to the MLK Community Center of Indianapolis.