Pacers begin playoffs in Boston, dine on east coast fare

The Pacers might be dining on New England seafood like this while they're in Boston to play the Celtics. (WTHR image by Anna Carrera)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - The Pacers tip off their NBA Playoff series against the Celtics on Sunday but the team will be staying in Boston for a few more days before coming back to Indianapolis.

So while they're out there - Game 2 is scheduled for Wednesday - people in the Hoosier state are getting in the spirit of New England by trying out some east coast flavors.

Our Sunrise crew stopped by Caplinger's Fresh Catch on the northeast side. Owner Nick Caplinger says they get their food fresh from Boston and it tastes better at his restaurant than it does out there! He says he loves being in the seafood business in Indiana.

"It's kind of fun because there aren't too many people who know a lot about it," said Caplinger. "That's why I guess they call me "the Godfather of seafood" here in Indianapolis, because I've been doing this about 38 years. I know good quality. I know cuts and we have a lot of fun."

Caplinger says their lobster roll was ranked among the best in the country, which is a pretty big deal since we're landlocked in Indiana. The store and restaurant are closed on Sunday and Monday, but are back open the rest of the week, getting fresh shipments each day.

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