Owner of dogs in Carroll County attack surrenders to police (graphic images)

Owner of dogs in Carroll County attack surrenders to police (graphic images)
Owner of dogs in Carroll County attack surrenders to police (graphic images)

Two young women are recovering from a vicious attack by a pack of pit bulls. It occurred not in the inner city, but in the rolling farmland of Carroll County. One of the women is home, the other, who was critically injured, is still hospitalized.

Eight misdemeanor charges related to dog bite liability were filed Oct. 9, according to Carroll County Prosecuting Attorney Rob Ives.

Monday evening (October 12), the dogs' owner, 50-year-old Rick Darter of Cutler, turned himself in to police. He was wanted on an arrest warrant that charged him with eight counts of dog bite liability, causing serious bodily injury. 

He posted $305 cash bond and was released from custody. His initial hearing is scheduled for November 19.

UPDATE: The hospitalized victim, Rebkah Forgey, is listed in fair condition as of Monday, Oct. 5. 2015.

The dogs have scared people and caused trouble before. The sheriff this attack says warrants criminal charges. 

It happened near town of Cutler in Carroll County.

The Carroll County Sheriff says this was worse than an attack. Sheriff Toby Leazenby called it a feeding frenzy.
Two young women - cousins - were finishing a two-mile jog when four pit bulls came after them. They ran for their lives across a farm field to their home. But the dogs caught up and had them on the ground. 
Isabella George, 19, was bitten from head to toe. Her body is covered with bruises and puncture wounds.  Her 20-year-old cousin, Rebkah Forgey, was critically injured. Flesh was ripped from her scalp and muscle was torn from her leg  

"It is like a scene out of a horror movie. When I saw them they were covered in blood and just mauled.  It was terrible," said Shena George, Isabella's mom.

See photos here (warning - these images may be disturbing to some readers.)

Isabella was bitten from head to toe. Her father, Derrick George, shook his head. "I’m just thankful she is alive she has bite marks all over her body," he said.

Along with the bite marks, pictures of Isabella show severe bruises and deep puncture wounds.  Her older, but smaller cousin Rebkah, suffered even more serious injuries as the dogs tore into the woman’s flesh and muscle.

"Rebkah has 75 percent of her scalp removed she will not be able to grow her hair back," said Shena, adding that Rebkah will need skin and muscle grafts.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with medical expenses.

Shena George believes the girls fought the dogs for nearly a half hour. She said not even the dogs' owner could pull them off.  A woman driving down the lightly travelled road stopped and got all three into her truck, possibly saving the young women's lives.

She believes they were nearly killed. "I didn't know if Rebkah would make it," she said.

Leazenby told deputies to find the dogs and shoot them on sight. They killed all four of them.  

The sheriff says they dogs have caused trouble in the past, but nothing this serious. He asked for criminal charges to be filed against Darter. Leazenby says deputies have written summonses to Darter on previous occasions.

Darter was cited in August 2014 for allowing his dogs to stray beyond his property, and the next month, he paid the citation, 13 Investigates found.

Could something more serious have been done to prevent the attack? "Within the limits of the law, the answer is no," the sheriff said.

"You need to face consequences for actions and thing's you are responsible for," said Derrick George, when asked what he thinks should be done.

Both young women face a long, painful and emotional recovery.