Oregon man's lottery winnings to help pay for father's liver transplant

(Photo: Oregon Lottery via The World)

SALEM, Oregon - How do you divvy up your money when daydreaming about winning a lottery?

Victor Salazar doesn't have to dream about it. He recently won over $45,000 in the Oregon Lottery's Keno game.

He also doesn't have to wonder about where he will spend it.

“My father needs a liver transplant and insurance won’t cover it,” Salazar said. “This money is going to help him pay for the transplant he needs.”

Ironically, Salazar won the money during a fundraiser for cancer treatments at his workplace, a Mexican restaurant in Molalla.

“I saw people playing and started to fill out the play slip and then had to give it to my wife to finish because we were really busy,” he said. “It was karaoke night and she finished the slip and played.”

The couple didn't immediately know of their windfall.

“At 10 p.m. she reminded me we had the ticket, and when we scanned it, it said something weird,” he said. “We knew we won more than $600, and when we went online and checked the numbers we were shocked! Whatever my dad needs we are going to cover it,” he said. “This came at a very good time.”

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