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Dale Hansen Unplugged: Reopening Texas is 'an ignorant and short-sighted decision' from Gov. Abbott

"We've come this far; we may well be close to the end of our long national nightmare. This is not the time to let down and give up now."

DALLAS — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says it's business as usual in Texas again. Apparently, the pandemic is over, and I missed the memo. But not everyone is applauding the governor's decision that you don't have to wear a mask anymore and businesses are back to normal.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says nothing changes for his team. They will try to add fans slowly, but always follow the city guidelines.

And the Stars won't be changing either. They allow about 4,200 fans at their games now and they're staying at that number. And those fans will still have to wear a mask.

And the Rangers haven't decided anything yet. They're looking at the governor's decision and will decide in the next week or two.

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But this is such an ignorant and short-sighted decision by the governor. When you're one of only two making the announcement on the same day that you are choosing to ignore the federal guidelines, and Mississippi is the other one, and you side with Mississippi, you're on the wrong side.

The CDC Director and Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson have it right. We've come this far; we may well be close to the end of our long national nightmare. This is not the time to let down and give up now.

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This is like the guy who drives 500 miles to get home, then speeds up the last 10 miles to a dangerous level to get home quicker. They might make it safely, but they increase the odds they won't.

There are restaurant owners in Texas applauding the governor's decision who have buried their co-workers who have died from the virus. People who applaud the governor's decision are applauding a man who ignored the federal guidelines that would have kept the lights on last month.

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We all suffered because of that short-sighted and ignorant decision, and we will suffer again because of this one.