Only in Indiana: She broke the curse


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — The Stockwell household is bustling with activity. After all with two boys, Eric, 4 and Michael, 2, it kind of goes with the territory. While these two may not fully grasp it yet, they are carrying on a very unusual family tradition.

"It's jokingly referred to as the Stockwell curse among the women at least," the boys' mother, Laura Stockwell, explained, and it's easy to understand why.

"The last girl we had was Nellie. She was born in 1886 — 132 years ago," Bob Stockwell, the boys Grandpa said.

Here she is in a rare old family photo...Nellie is the second one from the right. The last girl born in the Stockwell family in 132 years.

The likelihood of 12 male births in a row is 0.0325%.

Nellie married Bruce and they had one child.That child had two boys, only one of which, Bob, had children.

Bob had four kids, of course all boys. From generation to generation the Stockwells kept up the family tradition.

"If we had been royalty it would have been easy to maintain the lineage because boys, boys, boys," Matt Stockwell, one of Bob's sons said.

"So I thought one, two, three, four, five, we are on the boy streak. You don't think you are going to get a girl when you have that many boys in the family," Nancy Stockwell, the matriarch of the family added.

Who can blame them? After all Grover Cleveland was dedicating the Statue of Liberty the last time the Stockwell family welcomed a newborn baby girl into this world — until now.

"Who is this," Matt asked his youngest son, Michael. "Evie," he responded with the innocence of a 2 year old.

Little Evie broke that curse May 25t, 2018 and the entire family couldn't not be happier.

"Once it dawned on me it was a girl I just started shaking," Laura Stockwell, Evie's mom said. "It was crazy. Then they took her to wash her and I didn't quite believe it until they brought her back. Did you cry? I did. I did. Happy tears for sure."

"My mom didn't know. I said have you been told? She said 'no.' I was like you have a baby granddaughter , and she screamed and cried a little bit," Matt said.

"I think I just screamed and cried and thought oh my gosh I can't believe it," grandma Nancy said.

"I wasn't scared of the curse," Laura said. "After we had our second I just assumed the third would also be a boy and I would be a full scale boy mom but got quite a surprise."

So the Stockwells have a little pink to go with all of that blue.

"It was awesome. I would have loved a boy but now that I have a girl I'm starting to notice little girls and all the fun stuff we will be able to do together. It's really exciting," Laura stated.

Who knows maybe this will be the start of a new streak of all girls for the next 100 years.

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