Only In Indiana: A Clip and a Clip

Jason Wagner and his father, Darrell, cut hair at their barbershop.

There are barbershops and gun shops all over Indiana, but there are very few who combine those services under one roof.

Walk-in traffic is always welcome at Wagners. The only question is, "What is the customer shopping for? A clip, or a clip?"

Darrell Wagner has been cutting hair at the barbershop since 1966.

"I wouldn't have any other job. I love working here," he said.

Jason Wagner took over the barbershop and expanded his dad's hobby of selling guns into the garage next door. Hence, "a clip and a clip."

"Somebody sent Jay Leno one of the business cards and he looked at it and said, 'Wagners Barbershop & Guns' and he said, 'So do you not like your haircut or what?'," Darrell said, holding his fingers out like a handgun.

The biggest surprise here is how well these two business dovetail together.

"It's amazing how well it does work. In the summertime, back here slows down, but it speeds up in the barbershop side of it," Jason said.

So the question is - Do people get a haircut and decide to shop for a gun? Or do they stop for a gun and get a clip?

"I think most of it is, 'I might as well, since I'm here. I got a haircut, I might as well go look around in the gun shop'," Jason said.

"I don't think nothing of it. Been here forever. Same as it's always been. Just got a little bit bigger, is all," said one customer.

"If you like something and you got a job doing it, that makes it that much better and I like cutting hair. Worked with my dad all those years, that was fun. Lucky person," Darrell said.

Now, Darrell is working next to his son. The third generation of Wagners to work the chairs.

"It works very well. I love my job and, to me, there are not too many people who can say that," Jason said.

Roosevelt Wetzel came in for haircut before moseying over next door.

"We come in and if we don't buy something, we dream. There is always something we would like to take home," Wetzel said.

That's because the haircut is $10 and the guns are "slightly more" as their sign politely points out, so that will have to do for now.

Competition is fierce in Greensburg, there is a car dealer/gun shop just across the street from Wagner's.