Only in Indiana: WATCH this amazing spaceship car driven by an Indianapolis mechanic!

Steve Anderson in his spaceship
Only in Indiana: See the stories from the March 28 special
Only in Indiana: See the stories from the March 28 special

The phone rings at A-OK Car Care and Steve Anderson picks it up. Surrounded by memorabilia covering the walls of his garage office, you can tell this is no run-of-the-mill shop. It would be easy to cast Anderson as the mechanic on duty, but he has never been one to stick to a script.

"I started messing with cars with my dad when I was eight years old," he said. "Eccentric, maybe. You think? I am a mechanic who builds hot rods and cars. Seven-degree black belt. Karate. 23 years in the Army. I am an actor."

A quick glance at Anderson's collection reveals a photo of him with Chuck Norris; all kinds of comics, photos of Anderson's exploits - including his talent shots - and yes, he will put on the crazy-eyes glasses for you if you ask nicely.

"Captain America, The Hulk....I love hot rods. Flying saucers and UFOs," he explained.

The childlike fantasies most of us can barely remember, he can't bear to forget.

"I love it. I don't want to grow up," Anderson said. When you write your own script, you don't have to.

Anderson showed us a plastic UFO and explained the source of his inspiration for a special project.

"I come across this little toy. I'm playing around and I am thinking, you know. I would like to be in that bubble. It would be so cool to drive a flying saucer," he said.

It took seconds to imagine, eight months to construct and 58 years to get into character. Now it's showtime.

Anderson built a flying saucer vehicle with fellow mechanic and friend Dennis Bellows. It's roadworthy. And Anderson dons his green alien sunglasses for every trip. A green alien rides shotgun next to him.

"When I get in that thing, it's an adventure, every time," he said.

Anderson stripped down a three-cylinder Geo Metro to the drive train and built the UFO housing around it. It gets 50 mph, and plenty of stares.

"It's weird," said one man, pausing to take a photo.

It has an automatic transmission, and a button for warp speed. Of course.

"That is so awesome! So where you from?" asked one woman.

"Mars," Anderson replied.

"No!" she said, disbelievingly.

Riding shotgun with Anderson and the alien was an experience.

"Imagine your co-workers are like, 'so how was Mars, Kevin?" said Anderson, laughing a slightly evil laugh.

Just when you think Indianapolis has seen it all, Anderson landed his UFO right in the middle of the Circle City. He parked it right at Monument Circle on a recent night.

So why does he do it?

"It's boring to be an adult. I wanna have fun. And I make myself have fun!"

As he bid his fans farewell on Monument Circle, Anderson called out, "Goodbye Earthlings! It's been a pleasure!"