Only In Indiana: Thank You For Your Service

Shayla Lewis serves lemonade to soldiers at Camp Atterbury.

EDINBURGH, Ind. (WTHR) - It is that time of year when a lemonade stand alongside the road might catch your eye.

It started about two years ago. Shortly after Shayla Lewis and her family moved into the home at the corner of U.S. 31 and Hospital Road in Edinburgh.

"I started seeing military trucks go by. 'What are those and where did they come from?" the 11-year-old girl wondered aloud.

They were coming from Camp Atterbury, so that gave her an idea.

"I love the way military helps us out and fight for freedom for us," Shayla shared.

So she decided to set up a lemonade stand that offers a free drink for the military.

"Lemonade! Ice cold lemonade! Come get some ice cold lemonade," she yelled to passing motorists.

So her stepfather bought her a lemonade stand and she convinced him to pull up his Jeep and she perches herself on top and hails the passersby.

"Lemonade! Ice cold lemonade," she repeated.

Don't think they haven't noticed.

"I appreciate it," one soldier said as she handed him his lemonade. "Have a nice day and thank you for your service!"

In fact, Camp Atterbury asked for her picture. She's already been called a "Good Neighbor" by the local paper, received this Defend the Homeland medal, "Then I got this letter from the Legion here. American Legion," she proudly displayed. "I'm an honorary member at Camp Atterbury and Muscatatuck."

"It's opened her up. She's not afraid to open up to mom and dad anymore. Not afraid to open up to other people around her. She used to be so shy, she would go up to a service member and she would whisper, 'Thank you for your service.' Now she yells it at them," her stepfather Aaron McElhinney said.

"Thank you for your service," she told another group of soldiers.

"Thank you for your support," one answered.

"She is not shy. She will talk to anybody," her mother Nichole McElhinney stated.

It is said if a child is loved, they will show love.

"Heard you had the best lemonade in town. May I have a glass please," a thirsty soldier exclaimed as he stepped up to her lemonade stand.

Shayla does just that, whether she is pouring lemonade or asking if she can get her picture taken with the service people who stop by she gives you a little bit of herself.

"I love the military," Shayla exclaimed.

That's why she will scamper back up on that Jeep and continue her pitch.

"Lemonade! Ice cold lemonade!"