Only In Indiana: So Stinkin' Cute

Jamie Fewell talks to an audience via Facebook Live about her merchandise.

MARTINSVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) — A lot can change in a lifetime. You can go from being a Colts cheerleader to the family cheerleader, but both can be demanding.

Only in Indiana's Kevin Rader and photographer Scott Allen take us to Martinsville to show us a success story that shows just how far a mother will go to make her family's life just a little bit better.

Things are always hopping at the Fewell household, and with good reason. This married mother of four has enough on her plate day in and day out, but she knew her family needed more. And she wanted to do more.

"I love how Facebook will help you out when you can't spell something like here this is what are you are looking for. I need that," Jamie Fewell shared as she looked at her cell phone.

As it turns out Facebook would be good for much more than just spell check.

"So let's check and make sure we have everything together. You've got 001 in black... super stinkin' cute sweatshirt," she says as she drops onto the family couch beside her good friend Kelly Dodd.

After all, she loved fashion and was experienced on social media, so she took a long hard look at her phone and the light came on. She saw opportunity.

"We are going to go ahead and go live. So I am just going to take a break for a moment. This is going to be a fantastic show," she said as she settled into a chair. The Rhinestone Hanger Boutique was on the air...right from her makeshift studio in her living room turned Facebook Live Broadcast studio.

"Hello Miranda. Hello Heather. Thank you so much for hopping on. Hello Emily. Hello Christine, hey Tina," she exclaims as participants start to log onto her website before the show actually begins.

What did you think of the idea I asked her friend Kelly Dodd as the show began? "I thought it was a great idea. She always have great ideas," she admitted.

"She's always going past her comfort zone, and I like that about her because she is basically a shy person. She set goals in her life, and those goals are to make her life better and her family's life better," Terri Alexander Jamie's mom revealed.

"I hopped on. Clicked live and all my nervousness was gone. It was natural," Jamie shared.

And it was successful, but it was not without it's moments. She is a one person show so modeling can be a trick but she steps away from her cell phone camera and the makeshift vanity mirror turned studio to change and then models on her chair.

"Two smalls, one medium and two larges. Wow you guys are on top of it. Thank you Brittany. Thank you Emily. Yes it's stinkin cute you guys," Jamie says to the people logged on to her show.

The show also has a slogan: so stinkin' cute.

"Look how cute this is guys. It's so stinkin' cute and so comfortable," she says.

What started out as a part time gig with a handful of participants is now full time with anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 customers. She shops online, and then sells online.

"I am shipping all over the country now. California, North Carolina, New York," she says. "You had somebody from Canada," her mom chimes in. "I had somebody from Australia. It's getting everywhere," she says almost in disbelief.

Thanks to viewers like Connie Etter.

"First of all she is my best friend. Second, you never know what is going to come out of her mouth," Etter reveals.

"Wow you guys I just got a marriage proposal. Oh shoot," she shares.

Twice a week, every Friday and Sunday nights, she does her Facebook live for 90 minutes.

"Now I am doing it. It feels good. Like I accomplished something for my children. It's been great. I could not ask for anything more," Jamie observes.

"I will see you next time. Bye guys," she says as she signs off for the night. "Oh I have to breathe," as she falls back into her chair.

If you are wondering how long it took Jamie to reach this point, her show started just five months ago.