Only in Canada: Lost moose gets stuck atop carport

A moose was caught on a carport roof in British Columbia last week. (Photo: Sandeep Pahal)

PRINCE GEORGE, British Columbia, Canada (WTHR) - A moose was caught on camera walking on the roof of a carport in western Canada last week.

A woman in Prince George, British Columbia captured the scene on her cell phone. She said her husband heard something strange when he parked his car, then noticed the large animal above.

The couple said the moose was apparently lost and just trying to find a way to get down, but didn't know how it got on top of the carport in the first place.

The animal was eventually able to get away. Police were called to the scene, but couldn't find the moose when they arrived.

The woman who recorded the video said it is common to see moose up close in residential areas of British Columbia.

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