Online support for Connersville police officer and his wife grows


Online support from across the world is targeting local and state lawmakers to drop the charges against a Fayette County couple after they rescued an injured deer and nursed it back to health.

The little deer is gaining quite a lot of attention online.

"I had to do something to try to help them," said John Waudby.

John Waudby first saw the story about "Dani" the deer on EyeWitness News on Friday night.

Connersville Police Officer Jeff Counceller and his wife Jennifer are facing jail time after the DNR says they weren't allowed to nurse the deer and let her live on their property.

The day the deer was set to be put down, DNR officers couldn't find her.

The Counsellers are facing a jury trial in March with a special prosecutor and judge assigned to the case.

John Waudby created a Facebook page early Saturday morning to support the couple he's never met, "I honestly did not expect nearly 3,000 people to flood the Facebook page."

But, with "Dani's" story gaining national attention, it's no surprise Facebook users have liked the page.

Waudby says there are supporters from all over the world.

The Indianapolis man argues the Decatur County Prosecutor should drop the charges against the couple. Waudby believes the online petition to both local and state legislators will make it happen.

"Eventually public pressure will drop these charges," said Waudby.

Jennifer Counceller told Eyewitness News Sunday that she is "overwhelmed" and "appreciative" of the online support and petition. Counceller told us she has not heard from the DNR or the prosecutor.

A spokesperson for the DNR told Eyewitness News on Friday that they usually do not comment on matters going to trial.