An online shop is selling soda, beer-scented candles

(Photo: 716CandleCo via TEGNA)

(TEGNA) – A Dr. Pepper scented candle is breaking the internet. So much that it sold out.

Seen on Etsy, the "Hand Poured Soda Pop Can Candle" made by 716CandleCo, created the trendy item with soy, wax, glass, IPA, wick and recycled materials.

"This candle is guaranteed to brighten any room while also filling it with an amazing smell," the product description reads.

No word yet if the company plans to relaunch and offer the Dr. Pepper candle to the public again.

But they offer a few other soda-scented options you can't find in a vending machine. Coca-Cola, Orange Crush and Mountain Dew are available.

You can also check out their beer-scented candles, from Busch to Bud Light. There's even a Tito's Vodka candle if you're feeling bold.