One dead in Muncie midday shootout


Chris Proffitt/Eyewitness News

Muncie - A shoot-out between two groups of people ended in the murder of one man. It happened near the intersection of Willard and Hackley in Muncie.

Nearly 30 bullet casings are scattered across a neighborhood on Muncie Southside following a midday shootout in front of a home.

A 21-year-old woman who was wounded was treated and released, but 30-year-old James Edwards, who was shot in the chest, died Tuesday afternoon. Police are trying to determine a motive for the shooting.

"That's what we're trying to ascertain. A lot of people around. Several people saw it. We don't know why this would happen," said Lt. Steve Cox, Muncie Police Dept.

Investigators say that several people were involved, and that a car pulled up to a house where several people were standing. Shots were fired and returned. At least three homes were struck by several rounds. Several witnesses, who didn't want to appear on camera, said Edwards was shot several times.

Police call this part of Muncie a high drug traffic area where there's been increasing violence including a drive-by shooting over the weekend.

"This is part of the problem. These guys come in here and want to sell drugs, but we don't even know if that's the reason for it right now," said Lt. Cox.

But neighbors say drugs are the problem and none say they're surprised at the shooting and murder.

"This neighborhood is trash. There's no respect for nobody, between the drugs and violence. They don't move out of the way on the corner where it happened. No respect for nobody," said Billy Whitmire, Muncie resident.

Police recovered two guns at the scene and now looking for the suspect or suspects involved in a deadly street shoot-out.

Police had one person in custody that they were questioning. They were also questioning the woman wounded in the shooting.