Olive Garden server getting praise for feeding toddler so mom could enjoy meal

File photo of a sign on an Olive Garden restaurant. (Photo: Wikimedia/Tdorante10)

GREENSBORO, N.C. (WTHR) — A server at a North Carolina Olive Garden is getting praise for going above and beyond her duties and giving a mom a few moments of peace.

Courtney Pedigo posted about her experience on her Facebook page. She said she went to Olive Garden with her daughter, Harlynn, who can get pretty fussy.

After Harlynn's best efforts trying to wiggle out of mom's arms, Pedigo decided it would be best to leave the restaurant and eat their food in the car. She went to find her server, Nianni Rudder, and asked for her food in a carry-out box.

Rudder, who called the family "amazing," said instead of giving her a box, she'd help her enjoy dinner in the restaurant.

Rudder brought Harlynn ice cream and fed it to her while Pedigo got to do something she rarely does: eat her dinner while it was still hot.

Pedigo was grateful for Rudder's service, saying she admired her and thanking her for the incredible kindness.

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