Ohio State suspends fraternity activity during investigation

(Photo: Ohio State University/Facebook)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio State University has suspended activities by all fraternities because of numerous investigations facing several houses.

The university said Thursday it suspended social, recruitment and new member activities for the 37 members of the Interfraternity Council.

The university says 11 chapters are under investigation since the beginning of the school year, most for allegations involving hazing and alcohol in violation of Ohio State's student conduct code.

The school said this is the most number of investigations in recent years, and Ohio State does not tolerate behavior putting students' health and safety at risk.

About 2,400 students are members of fraternities, or about one in every 10 male undergraduate students.

The university sent the following statement to our sister station, WBNS-TV in Columbus:

Ohio State is suspending all social, recruitment and new member activities for Interfraternity Council (IFC) chapters effective immediately. This semester the university is investigating the most cases in recent years of possible violations of the Code of Student Conduct by IFC chapters. 11 of the 37 IFC chapters have been under investigation since the school year began. The majority of these cases involve hazing and/or alcohol. The university will not tolerate behavior that puts the health and safety of its students at risk.

Ohio State is taking this proactive step based on the significantly high number of investigations this semester, not on the nature of any specific case or cases. This action will allow the IFC community to pause to reflect and create individual, actionable strategies to ensure that the culture of their organization is aligned with the stated values of Ohio State’s Greek community, responsibilities outlined in the university’s Code of Student Conduct and expectations of their respective national or international organization. The university looks forward to working with the IFC community to set a positive path forward.

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