Ohio councilman proposes steeper fine, jail time for owners of barking dogs

(Photo: Pixabay/File)

AKRON, Ohio (WTHR) - An Ohio city is considering an ordinance to increase fines and add possible jail time for pet owners whose dogs won't stop barking.

An Akron city councilman has made the legislation a priority after receiving dozens of calls about the barking. Councilman Russ Neal's proposal would increase the fine for excessing barking in Akron to $250 and add as much as a month of jail time.

Neal said he is in no hurry to pass the stiffer barking dog legislation and is hoping to put together a citizen's advisory group in the meantime.

"We're just trying to find something that lets people know we're serious about this," he said, "and no one is charged that fee right off the bat."

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