Official Disaster Press Release - Columbus Regional Hospital


(Press release from Columbus Regional Hospital, which experienced severe flooding over the weekend.)

June 9th update:

Johnson Memorial Hospital maintained operations through the weekend and put into place procedures to serve patients and visitors Monday morning.

Among the developments today:

-Outpatient services in Radiology and Lab are continuing with a number of operational accommodations, but all scheduled patients are being seen and services are being provided to Emergency Department patients as well.

-The Emergency Department continues to operate in a portion of the surgery department for the time being. Efforts are underway to determine how capacity of the Emergency Department can be increased and where some services can be relocated to accommodate potential needs for surgery patients.

-It is expected that current operational conditions will continue for at least 2 weeks. 

-Efforts to dry flooring and walls is continuing and may not conclude until late this week. 

-Removal of flooring and wallboarding will begin within the next two days. 

-The hospital participated in a conference call with the state hospital association today, designed to discuss the impact of and the response to the closure of Columbus Regional Hospital. JMH is in the planning stages now to determine how the hospital can assist Columbus Regional and the patients and physicians in Columbus to provide them access to health care services. This is an on going review and more definitive plans will be made in the next 1-2 days.

-To date the hospital has identified 14 members of its staff who have suffered significant loss of homes and personal property. Plans are being developed to assist those employees.

Original release:

Because internet and phone communication in our community is limited, we're thankful that the media is assisting us with getting messages out to our employees, physicians, patients and the community.

Members of the public and patients:

Columbus Regional Hospital and its Emergency Department are shut down for at least the next few weeks due to extensive flood damage.  The entire basement level was completely under water during the flood incapacitating our laboratory, radiology, and pharmacy services.  There was a foot of water on the main level, leaving behind mud and other residue and potential structural damage.  In addition, there is no power, no access to medical records, no internet and no phones other than a single main phone line. We had no option but to close the hospital completely.

The extent of this damage is unprecedented.  We will be working with the media to keep the public updated on our status and plans for reopening.

In the meantime, Prompt Med on 25th Street in Columbus will be open 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  Prompt Med Edinburgh is temporarily closed.  Patients should access Prompt Med for minor emergencies. 

In a life threatening situation, call 911 and you'll be taken to the nearest available emergency department.


All patients scheduled for procedures should contact their physician's office to determine next steps. CRH will also attempt to contact all scheduled patients.  Some physician's offices may be closed this week due to the flooding. The physician paging system is also not operational.  Our main hospital phone number (379-4441) is working but limited to a single operator. We'll be providing alternate phone numbers and capabilities this week. We will post latest updates on

CRH will be calling all physicians in the next 24 hours to assess their operational status, provide updates and discuss emergency paging.  Our medical staff leadership group (MEC) is meeting Monday night and we plan on a full medical staff meeting later this week.

CRH Employees
We are asking all employees to stay home unless they have been directly contacted by their supervisor and told to come in.    All employees will be paid for the next 2 weeks, regardless of whether they are asked to show up at CRH.

We will be holding all-employee meetings later this week.

Below are details for payroll for the next few weeks:

Payroll scheduled for Thursday, June 12
- We plan to issue payroll this Thursday, June 12 as scheduled.
- Employees currently enrolled in Direct Deposit will receive pay in an amount based upon the last pay period of May 11 - May 24th.
- Employees not enrolled in Direct Deposit will need to bring their previous pay stub to the designated area outside of the south gallery on Monday, June 9 from 10:00am - 4:00pm (near the physician parking lot). Based on the pay stub from your previous pay period, a check will be issued on Thursday, June 12.
- If the employee does not have a copy of their pay stub, the employee should still report to the designated area.  We will work with their supervisor/manager to determine an amount to be paid.
- As our financial systems are restored, any necessary adjustments will occur at a later date with regard to employees being underpaid or overpaid.
Current Pay Period
- For the current pay period beginning Sunday, June 8.
- All employees will be paid per their scheduled time. Employees will need to be available for other duties as assigned by their supervisor/manager during the shift and days previously scheduled.
- Employees should still take any PTO time as scheduled and they will be paid accordingly.

Future Pay Periods
Directions regarding future pay periods will be available soon.