The 'Oddities and Curiosities Expo' brings the strange and unusual to Indy

The Oddities and Curiosities Expo brings strange and unusual items to the State Fairgrounds Saturday. (WTHR Photo/Ben Reiff)
Oddities and Curiosities Expo At The Fairgrounds
Oddities Expo

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – The Indiana State Fairgrounds became a home for the strange and unusual Saturday.

The Oddities and Curiosities Expo focuses on the weird.

More than 80 vendors from across the country were selling what they deem as odd items.

There was taxidermy, voodoo, piercings and even jewelry made from bugs.

"It's the unknown really. It's like, you want to see it because it's something you may never see again," said event organizer, Michelle Cozzaglio. "There's a lot of stuff here like a taxidermy, two headed, six legged calf that only lived for one week. When will you ever see that again? It's the unknown, I think, and it intrigues people and that's why they want to come out and see it."

The expo in was Indy just for one day but there are shows every couple of weeks in cities across the Midwest.

For more information and the expo's event schedule, click here.

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