"Occupy" movement reaches Bloomington park


BLOOMINGTON - The national protest that started on Wall Street came to Bloomington Sunday.

A crowd of people took over Peoples Park in Bloomington as part of "Occupy Bloomington." Organizers say the event was not a protest, but a sit-in, with a growing sense of anger, disappointment and a desire to create change. The crowd doesn't just want to change one thing, but as their signs indicated, they want to change a number of things.

Ian Brewer says his last two jobs were sent overseas due to trade agreements.

"That were made without human rights, worker rights and environmental protection standards," he said.

Another theme is that of corporate greed.

"We are protesting the fact that our government is run by corporations, because the politicians rely on those donations to win elections," said one woman.

The one common theme in the Occupy America movement is that there isn't a central railing point, but several. Each person seems to bring their own idea and message to the group.

"I'm sort of new to the game, but I have been upset with what is happening in our government for a long time. Really discouraged that all our jobs are going overseas," another woman said.

The movement is helped along by facilitators that move from town to town organizing the groups. There is no timeline on when the occupation of Peoples Park will end, but tents going up in the park show it may be awhile.