Novelty toy maker rolls out kale-flavored candy canes


(WTHR) — You better watch out. You better not cry...unless your candy cane is kale-flavored. Then we'll give you a pass.

Novelty toy and candy maker Archie McPhee has added to their list quirky candy canes. This year, they've introduced a kale flavor. It's "all the flavor of kale with none of the nutrition," their website touts.

Don't mistake the green-and-white-striped candies for the traditional spearmint flavor. The website describes the candy as "just the bitter grassiness of your favorite vegetable."

Last year, Archie McPhee made headlines with mac & cheese and pickle candy canes.

"While this candy cane might not have the nutritional value of actual kale, it does share the delicious flavor we've all come to love," Archie McPhee's Director of Awesome David Wahl told TODAY Food.

In addition to the kale candy cane, the company also has pizza, ham, bacon and clam flavors.

Purchase a six-pack of the candy canes online for $6.50.