Not Just Drivers: I-65 project causing problems for businesses too

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - At the corner of 21st and Illinois, workers have a front row seat.

“Yeah, it’s been pretty interesting. Lots of traffic,” said Reginald Tipton.

A major detour getting around the I-65 bridge project runs right in front of Tipton’s florist shop.

“I’d say between 7 a.m. till maybe 9 or so, and in the evening between maybe 3 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. or six o’clock it’s lots of traffic,” said Tipton.

He says his customer traffic, fortunately, hasn’t taken a hit, but right next door the barber shop is dependent on appointments and people being on time. But that’s not happening very much this month.

“Oh yes every last one of them,” said Reggie Williams about customers coming late.

But at least being on this corner does bring extra entertainment.

“You do notice a lot of road rage and cussing especially when someone isn’t moving fast enough,” said Williams.

He takes it as a blessing, however. Hoping that more traffic will bring more visibility.

“We want to let them know what kind of service we are servicing and that we are available,” said Williams.

But on the other side, the glass isn’t as half-full.

“To me, it is affecting my business,” said Moe Jordan, who owns Jordan’s Fish and Chicken.

Jordan says people are now having a more difficult time getting into his restaurant.

“Usually people used to park outside of the business but now it is extremely hard for the customers to park,” said Jordan.

Overall, the owners on this block are looking forward to things getting back to normal.

“I don’t think there is anything we can do about it, so we have to deal with it,” said Jordan.

“If the weather remains nice, there is a possibility that they could finish construction early and that’s kind of what we are hoping for,” said Tipton.

Representatives from INDOT say the construction project is on schedule and may end up being completed before the targeted finish date.

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