Northwest side homes, businesses targeted by man shooting paintballs

(Photo: WTHR)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - IMPD detectives at the Northwest District will be taking a close look at surveillance video showing a car believed to be behind a paintball shooting crime spree.

A man walking to his job suffered a shot in the elbow and upper back leg during a surprise attack in broad daylight.

Eyewitness News found several houses on Goodlet Avenue on Indy’s Northwest side shot up with a paintball gun. The shooter was caught on camera at a nearby business where that employee got hit.

The video shows someone driving what appears to be a silver Dodge Avenger or Charger aiming a rifle out the window.

The driver is seen waiting at the West 30th Street and Merchants Drive stoplight where video captured someone firing the rifle style weapon.

A second camera shows a man walking down the street to his job as he comes under fire from a paintball gun. His coworker at Castro's Auto Sales knew something was wrong based on his non-verbal behavior at a distance.

Elpidio Castro said, “I knew something had happened because I see him looking around and at himself, looking around he was kind of scared."

Less than a mile away in the 2500 block of Goodlet Avenue, Eyewitness News found house after house shot up with the same color paintballs.

Officers found the same paintball residue and connected it to the attack back at Castro's Auto Sales. The suspects also struck the garage doors with paintballs where their cameras show them aiming the rifle from that silver Dodge.

The employee struck by the paintball eventually took off running for safety. That’s when the video shows the silver Dodge vehicle drive past the business and open fire again.

The employees inside feared that someone had opened fire with an automatic rifle of some sort.

“First I thought it was a real one. I could not tell," said Castro. "It was just a gun with a rifle pointing it at him."

Police hope someone recognizes the suspects car so they find the shooter.

There is an angle in the surveillance video that the metro cyber unit may be able to enhance and identify the license plate number on the car.

As part of their investigation, police detectives will return to the neighborhood to see if there is any surveillance video from home security cameras.

Detectives will also check to see if the case is connected to several other reports they have taken about someone shooting a paintball at people or property.

Anyone with information on the paintball attacks can share it confidentially and remain 100 percent anonymous. If your tip leads to an arrest you will receive up to $1,000 in reward money.

If you have any information that could help in any case, call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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