North side neighbors urged to come together to fight crime


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - People living in the Mapleton Fall Creek area are being urged to help keep criminals out of their neighborhood.

The push is coming from a man who caught a repeat burglar red-handed with his home security cameras. Homeowners on the near north side are always looking out for each other on their streets marked with city "Crime Watch Area" signs. When people themselves aren't watching, the cameras are.

One homeowner has surveillance video of a burglar is working feverishly to get into a locked fence. The victim believes he's behind a string of near northside crimes for months until caught by police.

The break-in caught on camera happened last September in the Mapleton Fall Creek area where older empty houses are becoming home sweet home families.

"I feel really safe living here," said John Larner.

Larner is doing everything he can to make sure home is safe. He and other Mapleton Fall Creek homeowners stay in contact on the NextDoor app, but having smart cameras at home is even better.

"As far as the cameras go, I can't suggest it enough," Larner said. "Just being able to see if someone I don't recognize is coming up to my house."

That's another reason his house has not just one, but five outside cameras and he's adding more. Especially since the man in the video is actually breaking into his home and eventually gets into the gate. Then an inside camera shows the window being busted out.

A man identified as Tigree Warr was caught on camera breaking into a north side home.
A man identified as Tigree Warr was caught on camera breaking into a north side home.

Officers from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department identified and arrested 47-year-old Tigree Warr.

Despite it being his 20th arrest since 2003, court records as of Tuesday afternoon showed Warr is a free man. A Marion County judge or magistrate released Warr on his own recognizance, despite his long rap sheet.
13 Investigates also uncovered court records that show Warr has been a no-show in court in the past, but still got a "get out jail free" card, meaning he had a zero amount bond.

Now, Larner is pushing for all of his neighbors to call police at the sight of something suspicious here in Mapleton Fall Creek.

"You're being proactive instead of retroactive after a crime," he said.

Larner believes their Crime Watch area will get even stronger if everyone keeps an eye out and be willing to say something when they see something suspicious.