North Dakota golf course using drones to deliver food on the greens


GRAND FORKS, N.D. (WTHR) — King's Walk Golf course in Grand Forks, North Dakota is the first golf course in the country to uses drones for deliveries on the course.

It's all done with the help of a smart phone app.

Golfers can get food and drinks delivered by drones that fly more than 200 feet above the ground to them while out on the green.

"With an app-based system, a person can place an order anywhere on the course, and select their delivery location and the restaurant just has to launch the drone to go to that delivery location," said Flytrex head of operations Wes Shover.

Golfers reportedly can't hear the drones flying around the course, so there's no distraction. And the drone is cheaper to use than a beverage cart out on the course.

Both the app and delivery are free, users just have to pay for the cost of the food.

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