Noblesville West Middle School nurse explains bond after saving shooting victim Ella Whistler

Noblesville nurse shares special bond
Noblesville nurse shares special bond
Noblesville nurse special bond

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — Megan Schlueter was just seven months into her new job as school nurse at Noblesville West Middle School, when a student opened fire in a classroom.

"It was around 9 o'clock and I got a phone call from one of the science teachers and she was whispering and she said this is not a joke I just heard shots fired across the hall," said Schlueter. "I had children in my clinic at the time who I needed to keep safe. So, I barricade them in my room, called 911 and then ran to the scene of the incident May 25."

Schlueter didn't hesitate. She tells Eyewitness News she is the only medically trained person in the school.

"I had two children in that building at the time and I didn't know if I was running to help my own children, to help my best friends' children, to help children I didn't know and it didn't matter," Schlueter explained.

Her background is ER nursing. She was familiar with Ella Whistler, the student shot, from show choir.

"Being the first medical person on the scene I was able to... sorry... do what I could do to put her in a position so when the medics arrived they were able to continue with the care," Schlueter said emotionally.

When she arrived in the classroom Schlueter was unaware the student who fired his gun also hit teacher, Jason Seaman.

Schlueter says, "I feel like we have all grown stronger and closer and we are all ready to move forward because Ella survived and Jason Seaman survived and we are very fortunate that we do have survivors from this tragedy."

For Schlueter's heroic efforts, Riverview Health recognized her with an award. Ella Whistler surprised her at the ceremony.

"I don't know if I'd be here today. I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart," Ella said.

"She and I are really close and I really feel like we always will be. We are going to share something that not too many people share and I think that bond will just be there forever," said Schlueter. “Now we are very close. She calls me her second mom."

Schlueter says she is Christian and believes this job was put in front of her for a reason.

“There were so many things from that point on that went well, and the outcome that Ella is here with us today, and she is improving every day, and she is this beautiful young lady. She’s here with us, and I just have to be grateful for so many things that came into play that day and how everything lined up," explains Schlueter. "I’m more thankful and grateful than I am sad and traumatized by that day. I’m just thankful.”

The student accused in the shooting is back in court the week of September 10.