Noblesville students create 'Operation Snow Fun' so no one feels left out

Students play in the snow during recess. (Photo: White River Elementary)
A Seat at the Table: Operation Snow Fun
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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) – Central Indiana may be facing a bit of a snow shortage this winter, but when the white stuff does fall, one Noblesville school will be ready.

The rules at White River Elementary used to say that if it snowed, students stay in.

Students play in the snow. (Photo: White River Elementary)

“Inside recess is kind of boring because you just play on your iPad and you're not running around or anything,” fourth grader Mia Teachnor said.

The reason for the rule was a matter of safety because not every student had the proper gear to play outside in the show.

That’s not the case anymore, thanks to three enterprising fourth graders. The girls realized the need, and took action.

Maia Blower, Mia Teachnor and Elise Beckner created a logo and branded their idea "Operation Snow Fun."

At first they asked for clothing donations. But when that didn’t bring in enough, they found a grant and applied.

The girls ended up with $1,500 that provided equitable snow gear for everyone at the school who needed it to play outside during recess.

An early snow back in November allowed the kids to test out the new winter gear.

Now all they need is another snowfall to get out and play.

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