Noblesville mother who moved from Newtown reflects on Friday's shooting

Kimberly Owens of Noblesville (WTHR Photo/John Whalen)

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) - We're starting to hear from more people impacted by the shooting at Noblesville West Middle School, including a mom who says she used to live in Newtown, Connecticut, where the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting took place five-and-a-half years ago.

"You know, thank God this wasn't the same, but of course that comes right back into my mind and I just thought, 'This can't be happening. Not again.' It was just-- immediately, it came back to me," Kimberly Owens said.

Owens tells us she moved out of Newtown about a year before the shooting, but she knew some of the families who had children in those classes that day and she couldn't help but think about it as she rushed to pick up her two sons Friday - one in 8th grade and the other in 6th grade.

She told us one of them ran out of the building after the shooting. The other called her, whispering as he spoke to her, telling her he heard the gunshots but he was okay.